April 19


Renew. The Beauty of Transformation

By Craig Smith

April 19, 2021

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Renew - Bringing Restoration After A Year of Challenges

The word renew means to take something that is in disrepair and appears ruined, and through some process restore it to newness. There are many words that offer genuine hope to the human heart. Certainly, the word renew is one to stir good expectancy and the beauty of transformation.           

Remember seeing that old deteriorating house for sale by the side of the road?  Most everyone who passed saw it as a hopeless eyesore, but someone with vision purchased it and transitioned a problem to a palace. They were able to see the house through the eyes of hope. They had a vision of renewal beyond what the years of exposure to the elements had reduced it to.

Restoration After A Year of Challenges

The year 2020 introduced many challenges: a pandemic, political division, shifting cultural and moral values, and ongoing attempts to redefine justice, to name just a few. These challenges have taken a toll on the minds and emotions of almost everyone. People are confused, impatient, suspicious, frustrated, concerned, depressed, and angry. You might say we are all pretty thoroughly frazzled.

Statements like these continue to frequent conversations: “I’m ready for this to be over and things to return to normal”; “I don’t know how much longer I can cope with this”; and “I wonder what the future is going to look like”.

Without question, we now know the effects of erratic change and prolonged instability on our human psyche.  Few things are more stressful and disturbing than an uncertain future. Without something or someone to introduce a process to restore and instill good confidence, the result is a continued, deteriorating downward spiral into a cul-de-sac of hopelessness.

So, the current question is this: With the present excessive disappointment, uncertainty, and apprehension, is there a source of unfaltering stability and security? Is there hope? a chance to renew?

I have great news for you, because the answer is emphatic, YES! And the source of this stability and unfailing hope to your renewal is waiting for you to access. There is an ancient proverb that says; Anxiety in a person’s heart weighs it down, but a good word cheers it up. I have more than one good word for you. In fact, I have four great words for you. When the source of these four words are realized, understood, and applied; they will turn your most fatigued, concerned, and worn emotions into renewed hope.

What The Bible says about anxiety >> Proverbs 12:25

Four Words for Renewed Hope

What are these four words? They are Grace, peace, love, and mercy. If these four words define your life, then when discouragement comes your way, and it will; it won’t take root and choke the life from you.

Actually, the power to renew yourself are not in the words themselves; grace, peace, love, and mercy simply flow downstream from their abundant unlimited source.

What is this source and where is it found? The source is Jesus Christ of course. He is where he always is when a frightened, worn, and weary person looks for help. He is standing at the door of the heart; knocking, waiting for permission to enter and begin his healing process.

When you genuinely surrender to him as your life source, his good and effective process engages, bringing solutions to your mental and emotional challenges. He renews you as grace, peace, love, and mercy flow downstream from him into your heart.

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From Christ comes:

Grace, which is God’s gift to you from his most sacred treasury. His grace warrants definition which far exceeds human ability to sufficiently supply, as it is so amazing. We are undeserving of it, yet he has released it to lavish upon unworthy recipients willing to bend to its life-giving qualities.

Peace, the peace of Christ, is the absence of worry and the highest of plains for refuge from the perils of hopelessness. His peace is not of the world’s variety of the temporal removal of danger, but instead the abode of permanence.

Love, and his is genuine. Love is the heart’s relentless passionate pursuit, and the discovery of God’s love is the quest accomplished. God, as the creator of your heart, and he has implanted within you a divine mechanism to find fulfillment in his love alone. All other destinations are journeys of futility. His is the solitary source of perfect, complete, faithful, never ending love. When your heart is given to him in earnest, you have arrived and abide with the one who fashioned your heart. And, who but its maker knows each delicate chamber, its particular need, and has every resource necessary to make it whole?

Mercy, genuine honesty reveals we are deserving of nothing. God knows what we justly deserve,but through Jesus Christ, he instead provided us passage to become compassion’s recipient and experience forgiveness beyond measure. This is the mercy of God the Father whose mercy through Christ extends in perpetuity.    

Four words, four wonderful expressions, four characteristics fashioned for your heart, and four promises from, one source, the one person who has a record of perfection for keeping promises and commitments. He is Jesus, the giver of life in abundance and our divine internal gyroscope steadying us regardless of the whirlwinds around us.

Renew my life with your goodness. – Psalm 119:40