November 22


Living the Lord’s Prayer With Thankfulness

By Craig Smith

November 22, 2021

This morning as I stared through my window into a still and quiet frost-covered field, I began to consider the word thankfulness.

Living the Lord’s Prayer With Thankfulness

Our Thankfulness to Him

The times we live in may be challenging, but the evidence of our heavenly Father’s divine goodness and blessing are everywhere to behold. Each one of them should cause us to pause and express our thankfulness to him.

One of those evidences surfaced this past week while having lunch in a restaurant in Southern Missouri. I couldn’t help but notice the interaction between a young father and his curly-headed daughter.

She was three or four years old, and all smiles as her father leaned across the table talking to her. I have no idea of their conversational subject, only that whatever it was she was intensely focused with her blue eyes fastened on him.

Living the Lord’s Prayer With Thankfulness Little Girl With Blue Eyes

When he finished his comments to her, he leaned back in his seat, she did the same, and then she grinned at him all the more. He stood, picked her up in his arms, she wrapped hers firmly around his neck, and the two of them, along with the rest of their family, walked away with her face nestled against his neck gently giggling.

Thankfulness for Our Heavenly Father

For me, this father and daughter moment provided a tiny snippet of the overwhelming love and devotion the heavenly Father has for his sons and daughters. It was a picture of commitment, security, and contentment. It was a picture of the qualities and characteristics of unconditional love.

Expressions of Our Thankfulness

Expressions of thanksgiving can range from a marginal response to deeply appreciative. It all depends on the weight of the deed done, the gift given, and the level of sincerity by which it is extended and received.

Photo by Jackson David from Pexels

The Bible affirms to us that the love of the heavenly Father is consistently pure, unceasingly present, and offered to all who will receive his everlasting love through the redemptive act of his only Son, Jesus Christ. His is the love of commitment, security, and internal contentment.

There is no other love like the heavenly Father’s love.  

One of the Scriptures which invite us to pause and express sincere thankfulness at the Father’s goodness and the immeasurable gift he offers is

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” – Psalm 136:1

To all who abide in his love, this Scripture is deeply meaningful as it expresses the most valuable of treasures, the love of the Father.

The truth of these words stirs the believer’s heart with deep appreciation and thankfulness knowing we are wonderfully secure and content in his loving arms, FOREVER! That should bring a smile to our faces and perhaps even a gentle giggle.

Come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come to him with thanksgiving. Let us sing psalms of praise to him. – Psalm 95:1, 2