February 2


Living the Lord’s Prayer: Introduction

By Craig Smith

February 2, 2022

devotion, The Lord's Prayer


Thoughts on Morning

Early mornings are a gift and a very special gift at that! If you haven’t previously thought of them as being a gift, you’re not alone, for I dare say there are many who feel the same as you.

In fact, there was a time early mornings seemed to be more an annoyance than a gift, but now mornings are absolutely my favorite portion of the day. I enjoy them so much I typically spend a couple of hours waiting for the dawn.

So what’s the big deal about morning? Well, the best information source to answer that question is found in your life manual, the Bible. Without exception, within its pages are all the components and instructions you will ever need to experience the best and most fulling life possible. Amazingly, the author of your life-manual is not only the expert to an optimal morning, but he is also their architect and creator.

There are gems of life to be gathered by you in the early morning; gifts awaiting your discovery.

The First Morning

It may be difficult to imagine a time absent of mornings, but it seems there was once such a point. In fact, the advent of time itself began with the first morning. The first morning signaled time’s arrival and set into motion its always forward journey. With each passing moment, gone is the possibility to relive time; leaving only the opportunity to record its occurrences, reflect, and better prepare for the time ahead.

Before the first morning, there was nothing of material substance. All that existed concerning what life would become was in the mind’s eye of life’s artisan, the sole architect, and creator of all things. He prepared the canvas for life and upon it began to transfer thought into brilliant shapes, colors, and sonic tones pleasing to his ear. Once completed with his every intent, the end will be framed as the singular unequaled flawless masterpiece of his divine genius.

He merely looked into what we would describe as an expanse of utter darkness and with words of which only he could speak said, Let there be light. The light appeared as a brushstroke across the empty dark expanse saturating it with a previously never-beheld brightness. Beholding it he deemed the light as good. Time had begun, the first morning dawned, and the word day now defines the repeated event.  Unlimited possibilities lie ahead as the seed for all things to exist were now planted.

The one who imagined, manufactured, and presented the morning, had with it his divine purpose in mind. He also had you in mind, even though your introduction into life would be a faraway future day.

Noteworthy in this first morning is the pause of the first day as nothing else unfolded but to enjoy the goodness of the light now present. Might he have continued and made more use of the first day’s light? I suppose yes. Why the seeming delay? Why would the Maker of all things with no limitations, nor boundaries of restriction, not simply continue the making of more things following the first light of dawn?

Perhaps this is your first gem of discovery concerning predawn and morning’s entry of light. Perhaps this gem is a key, an offering for still more to unfold to you. What if you were to position yourself each predawn as a blank canvas before the divine artisan, God? What if you were to wait in a still and quiet stance for his words of light to melt away your darkness? 

As with the first morning, it is good to anticipate and ready yourself for the first glimmer of brightness by leaving it uncluttered to allow the Maker of your life-manual permission to create in and for you, the intent in his mind’s eye. What if you were to spend more time in the presence of his light enjoying his goodness? 

Awaiting you in your next dawning of the day are morning’s gifts. They are the many and varied gems for your heart and soul. They are carefully, strategically, and lovingly placed about for your gathering by the Father of lights whose every gift is good and perfect. In time you will have collected an abundance of lasting and genuine treasure.

Until time next, best of the morning to you!