August 5


Awake In The Dawn With Simple Tiny Moments.

By Craig Smith

August 5, 2020

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Life is all about stories: people celebrating simple tiny moments of existence or surviving huge struggles they face every day.

Fortunately, we live in an age where connecting with people is easier than it’s ever been and, and we hope to use technology every day to keep in contact with you!

Awake in the Dawn includes 365 individual devotionals, one for each day of the year, that each follows one of the seven main themes of the Lord’s Prayer.

Awake In The Dawn

Every week, the devotions will center on those themes and in that order. For each day, there are three individual sections:

  • Word, a Scripture included for meditation;
  • Thought, a provided reflection on the Scripture or day’s theme;
  • Prayer, a written prayer offered to jump-start your prayer time.

Feel free to think of this devotional as a tool to spark your morning time of reflection with the Lord, allowing yourself to dive deeper into Scripture and personal connection with Jesus.

Awake in the Dawn will provide you with a sweet time of meditating on the promises of Christ. It will strengthen your prayer life, and help you grow in your love for and understanding of the Lord.

Awake in the Dawn and all developing ministry tool projects from Village2Village. We are rooted in the mission and vision of the mandates of Jesus Christ, synopsized within the principles of the Great Commandment and Great Commission.